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The Grayson County Master Gardener Association is an educational and volunteer program affiliated with the Texas Master Gardener Association and the Texas Cooperative Extension within Texas A&M University.  

The program is designed to increase the availability of horticultural information and extend horticultural projects throughout Grayson County.  These goals are implemented through the training and volunteer efforts of the group. 

Master Gardeners contribute many volunteer hours to help schools, churches, businesses and citizens with various gardening projects.  Master Gardeners also use their knowledge to answer gardening questions at the local extension office, sponsor educational programs, assist with youth gardening programs, and participate in city beautification projects.

For additional information about Texas Master Gardeners or answers to your horticulture questions, feel free to contact a Grayson County Master Gardener at the Extension Office by calling 903-813-4204 or sending an e-mail to the Grayson County Master Gardeners

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The Texas Master Gardener Association is an organization composed of Master Gardeners Associations and/or individual certified Master Gardeners, Interns or Trainees from around the State of Texas. The Purpose of our web site is to provide Texas Master Gardeners with information beneficial to all Associations. If you need information that you can't find through our site, please click on " Write the Editor" and we will get the information to you or put you in touch with someone who can help.


Contact the Grayson County Master Gardeners by clicking here: Master Gardener E-mail.

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